Take Steps

Self-improvement can take the form of new training or education; it can also include practicing a skill, refining a resume, or growing a network of business contacts. The results of self-improvement include more opportunities, more compensation, more satisfaction.
  • Personal Strategy

    How you plan and conduct your job search is just as important as any other aspect of your job hunt. Creating strategies and plotting your way to finding a job is one of the most effective tasks you can develop. Tracking, recording, and managing your contacts, networking, who you've interviewed with or where you're going tomorrow are all different aspects that you can monitor and improve your techniques on in the coming months. ILostMyJob.com gives you helpful ideas and constructive ways to manage your time and your personal strategies.

  • Resumes

    Résumés are used for three things: to get an interview, to introduce yourself, and to provide a documented, factual work history. You may not like it, but you've got to have one, and if you don't have a great résumé, you will be lost in the quagmire of job search. In this section, we explore the many types and uses for resumes. With the help of ILostMyJob.com, you can have a resume that really stands out from the others.

  • Job Search Letters

    There are five different job search letters that a person can use in their job search. ILostMyJob.com has made it easy for you to write your own job search letter by providing samples of each letter that you may use. This other, acceptable piece of paper that you send out with your resume is an important document that allows to explain three things to a potential employer: What position you're applying for, why you believe you're qualified and, how that potential employer can contact you.