By Using Professionals When in Job Search Can Speed Up Your Process - Interview Preparation

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By Using Professionals When in Job Search Can Speed Up Your Process
Interview Preparation
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And then comes interview preparation. So you think that since you’ve gotten jobs in past, you can be good at it again? Really? Today’s extraordinarily competitive job market rewards only the very best. There’s no gold, silver, and bronze here. Gold or nothing! So think again about your need of a professional for preparing for that interview. As a career coach, I help job seekers every single day. In the past I used to think that the more senior an executive is, the less preparation the person needs. Not so, I found out. At times even though executives might be more articulate than average, many of them—just like non-executives—still neither understand nor know how to apply the strategy of convincing an interviewer that they represent the ideal candidate.

The only automation within a job search consists of the various alerts one can set up so that when certain keywords appear in a job posting, the job seeker gets alerted. Try setting up an e-mail alert via  You can also use Google Alert for specific keywords etc.  I’m hopeful that technology will evolve to make the job search easier and more automated. Until then, job seekers have to do things manually, and my advice is to get professional help.  Those of you associated with the real estate industry know the expression FISBO.  This is the pronunciation for the acronym FSBO which means for sale by owner.  These are the do it yourselfers.  People not using real estate agents do save on commission.  But how long is their house on the market?  Do you know the tactics how to negotiate for a better price?  Be smart in whatever you decide doing.


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