You've Got To Have A PLAN...

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You've Got To Have A PLAN...
Plan For The Journey
Launch Into Action
Adjust As You Go
Network With Those Who Know
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So there you were… you were gainfully employed and life was good!

Then all of a sudden… BAM! The news that you have been dreading… all of a sudden your life has drastically changed. You became one of the millions of Americans who are unemployed. Although you are not alone in being unemployed, your particular situation is individual to you and your family. So in order to get yourself back on track and gainfully employed, you need to have a PLAN.

In the book “True Success: A New Philosophy of Excellence”, the author Tom Morris uses the following acronym:

P – Plan for the Journey
L – Launch into Action
A – Adjust as you go
N – Network with those who know

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I can not think of a better situation in order to apply the PLAN than dealing with unemployment. Just like any good plan, you need to spend some time thinking and talking about it. You should also write it down and look at it everyday to make sure you are staying on-track.

So let’s take a look at how developing a PLAN may be beneficial in your situation of unemployment.