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Career Center Toolbox is a Career Innovator

Since 2008, ILostMyJob.com has been a trusted website where people can go after job loss. Starting in 2009, we launched CareerCenterToolbox.com. The goal is to offer a world-class service for running a modern job search. What we have put together uses expert articles, online video, and industry-leading career tools.

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Our career center toolbox website is the perfect place to put good coaching or resume writing skills to work. A great job board, helpful articles and videos, and the ability to use social media intelligently in your job search.

Many of you may know us from our webinars, which have received high praise and been attended by thousands of people. We try to choose the best experts to be on our webinars, and in all cases we want to do good deeds for the job seekers and other people who spend their time with us. The Internet is a huge place, and we value the faith people put in us to help them during difficult or stressful times.


Thank you very much for the job you are doing helping all of us to get a job. Marcelino S

I don't know how I got routed to your site in the first place, but I'm glad I did. Marion C

I learned about some new resources to use in researching companies that can be helpful in the future. Nancy M

Good advice, I share it with some other groups. Wilford C

I wanted to tell you how HELPFUL your website Career Center Toolbox and webinars have been to me. From one professional to another.Julie C

I found the Career Doctor extremely beneficial! Dave L

I just sent this to a friend in this situation. Helpful. Thanks. Pam F

I wanted to thank you and Kathy Bernard for your excellent session today. I always tell my networking contacts I always learn something valuable. Looking forward to the next time. J. Wayne

Thanks for sharing, James! Great reminders to ponder. Becky

What a breath of fresh air and inspiration. It provided me with tangible tools for creating powerful emotions that lead to action, and tools with which to efficiently and effectively identify a future job and compete to win. Thank you Paul

Not only are you providing terrific advice, you are also lifting people’s spirits at a time when they could be overwhelmed by despair. I tuly thank you most kindly, Christine

Wouldnt know what to do without ilostmyjob.com, been so helpful Bill

I just want to thank you ... I feel revived and my sight is refocusing again in my true self and not what my ego wanted to make me believe. Sally

This has been a helpful webinar; my mind has definitely been clouded with negativity during my job search which hasn't helped. Milton

I LOVED LOVED LOVED this Webinar ... my favorite so far!! Thank you for making it available to us.

I attended your webinar via Ilostmyjob and was so incredibly moved and enlightened by what you shared. I need to extend my sincere appreciation.

Thank you for the uplifting webinar this afternoon that shows how we can seize control of our thoughts with regards to the job search.

I just finished listening to your webinar. GREAT STUFF. This is the best webinar I have participated in.

LOVED your webinar today! You are very motivating and provided an amazing amount of info - just starting to get ready for a job search so this is very timely.

I am attending your webinar on Branding with Ilostmyjob. It is quite uplifting!!!! Re-thinking is very important, and visibility is a great way of thinking of connecting.

I listened to your webinar today, "Re-THINK! The Brand Called YOU: Your Personal Branding Session", and I found it very informative. I realize that I need to change my outlook. Thanks for putting it on.

Great call today - I missed part of it, but excellent information. I can't wait to listen to it again. Thank you so much!!!

I enjoyed you webinar this afternoon. It was a very good way to end the week on a positive note.

Enjoyed today's webinar. Your enthusiasm is contagious. (For Donna Fedor!)

Listened to your webinar this morning. Thanks for saving me from myself.

I just finished listening to your personal branding webinar and picked up several useful tips.

Totally enjoying & inspired by the webinar today.

Signed up for your webinar today offered by "I lost My Job" and love it. Looking forward to listening to the video once received. Thanks for the information.

The webinar today was excellent. I will be listening to it again and am now implementing the topic points.