Land a Job

Push forward! Get out there and perform well for interviews, tests, and other challenges. Take charge of your destiny!
  • Interviews
    Your resume is developed, you've sent it out and now you have an interview! The most mind-numbing event even for the best job hunters. It's where you sell yourself, ask and answer a multitude of questions, and hopefully, impress someone with hiring authority so that they'll hire you. has not only articles, but videos to show you what to do, when, and how to approach an interview situation.
  • Applying for Jobs
    Times have changed when it comes to applying for jobs. Rarely does anyone just walk into a business anymore and ask to be hired. If they do, it's unlikely to happen. Employers not only want your resume, but many expect you to complete an application as well. This section of gives useful, hands-on guidance with sample applications, current views on applying for jobs, and tips for how to apply.
  • Starting Your New Job

    Getting back to work can be almost as stressful as looking for a job! New surroundings, new people, new culture, new rules and being the new person on the block you may feel all eyes are upon you. During the first couple of weeks on the new job, you have a responsibility to show your supervisor and others within the organization that you have what it takes, both personally and professionally to fit in and succeed with the company.

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