Top 7 Behavior-based Interview Questions

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Top 7 Behavior-based Interview Questions
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Top Seven Behavior-based Interview Questions

By Michael Pate, M.A., Organizational Psychologist in South Dakota & Guest Author at

Behavior-based interview questions are becoming increasingly common as companies look for better ways to hire high-quality candidates amid the flood of applications that they receive. These questions, in contrast to theoretical interview questions that ask what candidates would do, ask candidates what they have actually done regarding important job characteristics. Companies that use behavior-based questions have often identified competencies, or groups of behaviors, that are important to success at a given position, and will ask questions about these competencies during in-person or phone interviews.

These question types are great because you have the opportunity to tell interviewers what you have actually done in a specific situation and the positive effects that your actions have had, rather than telling them what you might have done. However, these questions also require a different approach compared to typical theoretical interview questions.