"Top 10" Skills Desired By Hiring Managers, Part 2 - Planning/Organizing

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8. Planning/Organizing. In today’s complex and detailed working environment, those who can effectively plan and organize themselves and others are valuable commodities for employers. This area focuses directly on your abilities to design, plan, organize, and implement projects and tasks within an allotted time frame. Another major part of this is goal-setting.

Sample bullet point describing this skill:

• Results-driven achiever with exemplary planning and organizational skills, along with a high degree of detail orientation.

Improving your skills in this area is not easy because it takes years to develop these skills effectively. The best way to start is with organizing small things in your life. However, communicating this skill to potential employers is easy. Simply weave the concept of planning and organizing into each situation that you describe in presenting yourself to an employer. For example, if you are asked about a particular success that you have had in your career, make sure that you highlight the planning, goal-setting, and particular attention to detail that you had to achieve in order to have the success that you are describing.