"Top 10" Skills Desired By Hiring Managers, Part 1 - Computer & Technical Literacy

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"Top 10" Skills Desired By Hiring Managers, Part 1
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3. Computer & Technical Literacy. Regardless of your profession just about every job requires a basic understanding of computer hardware and software, especially word processing, spreadsheets, and email. Your ability to showcase your proficiency with technology and its applications are crucial in the information age.

Sample bullet point describing this skill:

• Computer-literate performer with extensive software proficiency covering wide variety of applications.
Obviously, if you are in a profession that relies on specific computer knowledge and proficiency, you will need to highlight those specifics on your resume and within your cover letter.

To increase your computer literacy check out your local community college. Most will offer community learning classes at a minimal cost. If you are already fairly proficient in the area of computers or the technology needed in your industry, take it to the next level by engaging in advanced learning of one or more of the applications needed in your industry. Become a self-taught expert!