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Kenny's presentation:

"I am a hard worker who loves this business. I've been an asset to the employers I've had, and my experience would make me an even greater asset to you. I think these are the most exciting times that I've ever seen In this business. Sure, there's so much more competition now, and it's harder than ever to get really good help. But all the indications are that more and more companies will outsource their maintenance needs and that more two-income households will require the services that we provide.

So I ask myself 'How do we get a bigger share of this business? How do we recruit and train the best personnel because they are, after all, the secret of our success?' Those are the key challenges managers face in this industry. I can help your company meet those challenges. While resumes don't tell the whole story, mine demonstrates that:

1. I'm a hard worker. I've had promotions at every company I've worked for.

2. I would bring a good perspective to the position because I've been a doer, as well as a supervisor.

3. People that work for me always respect my judgment, because they know I have a very good understanding of what they do, and,

4. I have a terrific business sense. I'm great at controlling expenses. I deploy staff efficiently. I'm fair. And I have a knack for getting along with customers.

I've always admired your company. I must admit I have adopted some of CleanShine's methods and applied them in the companies I've worked for. I see now that you're branching into lawn care. I was a landscaper during my high-school summers. How is that business going?"

Way to go, Kenny!

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