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So let's take a look at what this fine candidate - let's call her Barb - has done with her speech:

1. Introduced the requisite amount of modesty before beginning to brag about herself ("I think it's because... ").

2. Laid claim to the single most important skill a good, consultative salesperson should have (the ability to get along with others).

3. Demonstrated industriousness and at least some related experience (part-time positions in high school and college).

4. Showed a decided interest in the scope of the job (the term paper and the research on the company).

5. Gave concrete evidence of some of the other skills any good employee should have: the tendency to be a good self-starter (again,by mentioning the research on the company), a willingness to learn (reference to the training programs), and deference to authority (the question about technical support).

6. Provided herself a breather by ending with a question, one he'll have to take some time to answer.

That’s quite a lot of accomplishments for a mere 275-word speech, isn't it?