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To give you a better idea of how these little speeches should read, let's look at a couple of examples. Here is what a recent college graduate applying for an entry-level sales position might say:


"I've always been able to get along with different types of people. I think it's because I'm a good talker and an even better listener. When I began thinking seriously about what careers I'd be best suited for, I thought of sales almost immediately. That thought really stuck in my senior year of high school and during summers at college when I worked various part-time jobs at retail outlets because, unlike most of my friends, I actually liked dealing with the public.

However, I also realized that retail had its limitations. I read about various sales positions and was particularly fascinated by what is usually described as consultative selling. I like the idea of going to a client that you've really done your homework on and showing him how your products can help him solve one of his nagging problems and then following through on that.

I wrote one of the papers in my senior year on the subject of consultative selling, and that led me to begin looking for companies at which I could learn and refine the skills shared by people who've become more like account executives than run-of-the-mill salespeople.

That led me to your company, Mr. Shannon. I find the prospect of working with companies to increase the energy efficiency of their installations an exciting one. I've also learned some things about your sales training programs, and they sound like they're on the cutting edge.

I guess the only thing I find a little daunting about the prospect of working at Cogeneration, Inc. is selling that highly technical equipment without an engineering degree. By the way, what sort of support does your technical staff lend to the sales effort?"

Not a bad little speech, huh?


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