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Getting Ready for the Killer-Question

1. If you haven't already done so, fill out a personal inventory.

2. Distill your personal inventory into a compelling picture of you as the worker.

3. Include in this verbal portrait words and phrases that convey enthusiasm, knowledge, confidence, intelligence, experience (if you have itl), eagerness to learn, and dependability. In the world of sports, these are usually summed up in the phrase "good attitude."

4. In case this question is asked early in the interview, be sure that it helps set the course you want the interview to take.

5. If you want to talk about your experience, play it up. Make the potential negatives job-hopping, lack of experience, etc., positive or irrelevant. (This, of course, might require the writing skills of Joseph Conrad, so work hard).

6. Write a 250 to 350 word reply. Rewrite it. Rewrite it again. Then rewrite it again. Get it to sound as conversational as possible, and practice saying it until it does.

7. Memorize this speech and repeat it over and over until it sounds as though you never rehearsed it at all. Sounding like you're reading from internal cue cards during the interview will be a sure turnoff.

8. Put the ball back in the interviewer's court by ending your little speech with a question. It will help give you a breather and, again, demonstrate enthusiasm.

9. Check your references to make sure they aren't bad mouthing you.

So there you are now prepared for the "Killer Question". Knock this question out of the park and the rest of your interview will most likely go very smoothly!


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