Your resume is developed, you've sent it out and now you have an interview! The most mind-numbing event even for the best job hunters. It's where you sell yourself, ask and answer a multitude of questions, and hopefully, impress someone with hiring authority so that they'll hire you. has not only articles, but videos to show you what to do, when, and how to approach an interview situation.

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1 Warning! The Telephone Job Interview can be a Trap! Skip Freeman
2 Don’t be Fooled by the Job Description Alex Freund
3 The 8 Major Types of Interviews Dr. Thomas J. Denham
4 Can You Read the Interviewer's Mind? Alex Freund
5 Stop Being Lost in the Crowd Administrator
6 Don't Get Flustered, Get Factual Frances Cole
7 It's Never "Just Lunch" Frances Cole
8 “Tell me about yourself”--one more time Alex Freund
9 Interview Answers Must be Short. Know Why? Alex Freund
10 5 Things You Need to Do After the Interview Administrator
11 Beware the ‘Tell me about your boss. . .’ Question! Skip Freeman
12 How to tell if your Potential Boss is the Overlord of the Underworld... Administrator
13 Reference Checks – Make sure they “close the deal” for you! Administrator
14 Going on an Interview? Watch ABC's Shark Tank! Skip Freeman
15 "Why Should I Hire You?" Administrator
16 The 9 Stages of the Interview Dr. Thomas J. Denham
17 Job Search Tips: How to Land More Interviews in a Bad Economy Mary Elizabeth Bradford
18 Powerfully Branding Yourself to Lose the Job Interview Skip Freeman
19 Acing an Interview the Old Fashioned Way Administrator
20 Winning the Face-to-Face Interview by 'Leading the Witness' Skip Freeman

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