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Sometimes You Need Caffeine
Tea and Energy Drinks
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Tea is interesting because it comes in many flavors and varieties (even iced), but is generally used as a sedative, despite its caffeine content. Whether it accomplishes this through purely psychological means or not is unknown, but you could certainly drink it in the morning if you want: There is caffeine in there, and is also commonly used as a stimulant (especially outside the United States). Its dual roles are not all that uncommon, as many foods are similarly soothing and energizing. That said, there isn't quite as much caffeine in tea as there is in coffee, so if you're used to higher doses, you might want to take that into consideration.

Energy drinks are also interesting, because they're designed to be just that. They're packed with all kinds of energy: Guarana, caffeine, B-vitamins, and sugar. I'd recommend against getting the fully sugared versions of these energy drinks (if you thought soda was bad for your teeth, you should see these big boys), because they will lead to crashes later in the day (yes, those commercials are right). But, if you pick up the diet or low-carb options, there's substantially less (if any) sugar for your body to ingest. Which means, hopefully, a more natural let down from the energy boost the drink will give you. That said, you definitely need to avoid energy drinks if you are pregnant or nursing, as the excessive B-Vitamins can have detrimental effects on the fetus or infant.