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And, when you aren't driving, you can walk, or run. It's important for your mental sanity that you either begin or continue to exercise regularly. If you run every day, keep up the routine. If you've always found yourself too busy for exercise - hey - guess what? You've got plenty of time for it now. Exercising releases chemicals called endorphins into your blood stream. Essentially, this is the chemical they make morphine out of - and it gives you a natural high. In this way alone, exercising can give you an added - and needed - boost every day, not to mention the fact that it helps reduce stress all on its own.


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The point is that losing your job is far from a hopeless situation. The battle may be lost, but the war is not over, and it's important, after being let go, fired or quitting, to keep an eye on the the big picture. It's not easy keeping depression away after you lose a job - it's like any other kind of rejection, and in some ways perhaps more profound because it's professional, rather than personal. During such a troubling time it's important to keep your head held high, give yourself plenty to do, and, above all, persevere.


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