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Dealing with the Stress of Career Transition
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Your support network
Be sure that you have one or two good friends that you can confide in who understand and are supportive. My suggestion is to find an “accountability partner” to help you through this time. The key to working with an accountability partner is total and blatant honesty. Communicating your goals and ideas to your accountability partner will also increase the chances that you actually accomplish them.

Drop back and punt!

When things do not go well take a step back and evaluate what happened. I can assure you that not every job you apply for or interview that you go on will workout for the very best. You will have many ups and downs during your unemployment and the key to coming out successful on the other side is to not get too upset about any one opportunity. The one thing you need to remember is that some things will simply be out of your control. Coming to grips with this reality is essential to your personal health and well-being.

Keep the faith.

It is important that you have a deep faith that, even though this may seem like a very bad time in your life, that something better is right around the corner. It is this hope and confidence in yourself as a potential employee that will keep you going when all seems lost.



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