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Dealing with the Stress of Career Transition
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Soothing the soul with music.
Listen to music, especially smooth jazz. Listen to relaxing music in your car, at work, at home, and anywhere else that you can. Music can be very soothing.

Healthy Living
Take good care of yourself. This means get plenty of restful sleep, go to the dentist regularly, workout at least 30 minutes on at least four days each week, drink plenty of water, and take weekend naps if you need them.

Financial budgeting
Keep a simple budget so that you will always know where you are financially, and money shortages will not sneak up on you. Money will be a significant stressor on you and your family as the loss of your job means a loss of income stream to the household. I suggest that you read “Getting your Finances in Order” to identify helpful tips to reduce your stress about money.

Schedule “Down-Time”

Do not spend all evening and all weekend on the cell phone or reading and writing emails that relate to your job search. If you need to do extra work, schedule one hour each evening and a few hours each weekend to do job search related items. Realize that your “downtime” is just as important as your work. Treat your job search like a job. Work from 8 to 5 and schedule some breaks for yourself during the day. Spend a couple of hours on the weekend on your job search but remember your family needs you right now and you need them. So make sure you are scheduling good quality family time.