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"Your Money, Your Career" Part 1 - How to Thrive in ANY Economy is a series designed to help you strategically manage the myriad of ways in which money and work intersect in your life.

How to Thrive in ANY Economy features financial coach, trainer and author Jacquette M. Timmons and career coaches Colette Ellis, Jodi Brockington and Malla Haridat. Think of them as your financial coach and career coaches in a "virtual box" - able to be where you are whenever you need us!

This is incredibly useful if you are:

  • Currently experiencing a career transition whether voluntary or involuntary.

  • A recent graduate and unsure of how to be prepared for the current workplace.

  • One of the lucky few who are stable in their current position but thinking about what you need to do next.

"Your Money, Your Career" - Part 1, consists of:

  • Two tele-seminar recordings "Career, Interrupted" & "Career, Reinvented"

  • Stop Treating Your Money So Poorly ™ - a 48-page eWorkbook accompanied by virtual training.

  • The Competent Advantage™ Career Assessment Tool

  • The 30-Step Career Action Plan

With a single download, you'll have access to a one-of-a-kind self-study program. Imagine getting the collective expertise of four coaches via 2 hours of recordings, plus tools we've designed and used successfully with clients just like YOU! This combination will provide you with both a process and personalized game-plan -- in other words, the ingredients you need to manage every aspect of your money and your career, in ANY economy.

***FREE Preview Call for the Your Money, Your Career: How to Thrive in Any Economy***

This call will introduce the four coaches who created this product – to get a sense of our coaching styles and approach. You will hear how they responded on-the-spot to career questions from people who dialed in. And, they’ll learn why they are so passionate about helping people in job-transition.