Think your personal data isn't affecting you? Think Again...

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Think your personal data isn't affecting you? Think Again...
Things you might not know about data…
You have rights!
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Think your personal data isn't affecting you? Think Again...

Everyday job seekers are being evaluated by potential employers. But it is no longer your knowledge, skills and abilities that determines if you will be moving forward in the interview process.

Did you know that employers utilize data including criminal background checks, driving records, credit reports and drug tests when contemplating new hires? Do you know what your data says about YOU and what YOU can do to repair it and better prepare yourself for job interviews in an extremely tight job market?

As a job seeker, you need to take control of the information that is out there about you. Regardless of the “brand” or “image” that you seek to portray through your interview process, data about you – accumulated through various sources – are what employers are going to be looking at before they make you an offer of employment. For many years, employers were the only ones who had instant access to reports like this. Today, you can see it before they do!

It has been said in sports that "The best offense is a good defense" so knowing what data is out there about you is a key to being successful in your job-search. You now have the ability to obtain the same data that employers will be looking at as they evaluate you! The reality we are all facing is that we are all stuck with our data. But instead of letting your data control you, there are ways that YOU can control your data. But first you have to know what information is out there about you and then know how to work with it.

Knowing your rights is half the battle!

Knowing what actions to take is where this book can help…

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