Veterans Still Facing Unique Challenges in 2012 Job Market

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Veterans Still Facing Unique Challenges in 2012 Job Market
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Most people are certainly aware that the job market of the last several years has been brutal for millions of Americans. What most people probably are not aware of, however, is that it has been especially brutal for our military veterans, particularly our younger veterans. Unemployment among this group of young men and women is significantly higher than is the case with the American worker population in general.*

In order to begin turning around this shameful situation in the 2012 job market, strong, effective measures and programs will need to be implemented by both public and private sectors, and there is at least some good news from both of these sectors as we enter the new year.

Shortly after Veterans Day last year, President Obama signed into law a new, bi-partisan veterans employment bill designed to help unemployed veterans find jobs and recently separated military members make a successful transition to civilian life. The new law promises significant assistance to unemployed veterans, but against the current backdrop of political squabbling and near paralysis in the nation’s capital, only time of course will tell just how effective the new law actually will be in helping struggling veterans.

In the private sector, at least some employers, especially those in small businesses, have been doing, and continue to do, what they can to help veterans find rewarding, meaningful jobs in today’s challenging job market. But lacking a unified, centralized clearinghouse for both the veterans and prospective employers, unfortunately, their efforts have been more or less a “hit and miss” proposition at best.