The Strength of Your Support Networks

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The Strength of Your Support Networks
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This exercise assesses the quality and level of support in your life in three major networks: family, friends, and work.

Read each statement and write down the number that best describes how true each statement is for you, as you are feeling now.*


I. Family (Intimate) Support

1. My family (or intimate friends) take time for me when I need it.

2. My family (or intimate friends) understands when I am upset, and responds to me.

3. I feel accepted and loved by my family.

4. My family allows me to do new things and make changes in my life.

5. My spouse (or partner) accepts my career choices.

6. My family gives me as much as I give them.

7. My family expresses caring and affection to me, and responds to my feelings, such as my anger,

sorrow, and love.

8. The quality of the time I spend with my family is high.

9. I feel close and in touch with my family.

10. I am able to give what I would like to my family.

11. I feel I am important to the people in my family.

12. I feel that I am honest to the people in my family, and that they are honest with me.

13. I can ask the people in my family for help when I need it.


*A score of 20 or more indicates that you feel a high level of support from your family (or intimate) network.