Achieving an employment goal requires awareness of available opportunities. Take a "time out" to explore your needs, interests, and potential.
  • The Career Planning Process

    Planning your career may sound like a high school prep course, but we should always be planning the next step in our career process. Being prepared before the lay off comes is one great way to handle job loss, but few people take the time and energy it takes to get everything in place. Ilostmyjob.com can help guide you through your career planning and get you back on track to a sustainable, livable wage job that continues to reward you with money, job satisfaction, and purpose in your career goals.

  • Returning to School

    It's a huge question. Should you return to school or not? Do you need additional training? What classes or courses will be best suited for you at this stage of your life? How will you pay for it? In this section you'll find links to community colleges and universities that you can explore if returning to school is the right decision for you. You can even find online programs that you're interested in that will help you increase your value to a potential employer.

  • Networking

    In all other countries except the United States, networking is the primary means of finding a new job. Word of mouth. If people hear about a potential job, they tell their friends, relatives, even other co-workers to try to help them move ahead in the business world. We in the U.S are quite a bit behind in that idea and most people would rather not bother anyone with their job search. WRONG! You must tell everyone you know and everyone you meet that you are in job search. Not in a pushy, desperate kind of way, but in a quiet, networking kind of way. Let ILostMyJob.com help guide you through the world of networking.

  • Career Assessments

    An important part of your career development process is defining your knowledge, skills and abilities and how they "fit" with the jobs that you are applying for.