Is your past boss badmouthing you?

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Is your past boss badmouthing you?

It happens time and again... you apply for a job, have a great interview, follow-up appropriately and you never hear from the employer again. Have you ever wondered why?

Today, companies check references VERY CAREFULLY! You should too!

  • Do you know what your past boss / company will say about you?
  • Did you have a great interview?
  • After you provided your list of references has the potential employer grown cold?
  • Do they stop returning your calls?

More often thean not, the employer you were interviewing with contacted your former supervisor or another reference that you may have even provided to them. Our experience is, that with a little pressure, most managers break company policy and speak their mind to either help or hurt a candidate's chance at another job. Who from your past job will help you or hurt you - you need to know.

50% of our clients have a bad reference that KILLS new job offers!

Find out now what your former Boss / Company will tell a new employer about you.

Do Not risk that New Job Offer!