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by Kevin Kermes

Are you getting the Interviews you need out of your Networking?

Listen in to this professional who found himself in a new city with no job and no connections. He shares exactly how he networked from scatch to find a great opportunity. And, he did it all without ever asking for a job. It’s a great “how to” plan you can implement immediately. Click here to get the interview…

Are recruiters and HR getting between you and the perfect job?

Always getting shot down (or simply not called back) when you know you are the perfect fit? Follow this step-by-step plan (video included) on how you can find the hiring manager, connect directly and never have to deal with gatekeepers. It’s a plan you can put to work for you today to start getting interviews NOW. Click here to get the plan…


Waste of time or the new “real time” portal to jobs? I’ve personally gone back and forth on this topic until I interviewed two professionals who found their jobs through Twitter – in just a few weeks. Both were relatively new to the site and they share exactly how they did it. These interviews provide the “how to’s” so you can put a plan to work for yourself today. Click here to listen in to the interviews…

Losing a job and income can have a severe impact on our lives. We have an article about bankruptcy and unemployment that has great information as well as a form to contact an attorney network for a FREE bankruptcy case evaluation.

In addition to browsing these and other recommended articles and links on our site, may we suggest that your next step be to watch's Career Doctor, Robert Shindell, answer the following question from a visitor - "How do I address a Previous Termination?". If you find our site to be helpful, we'd love for you to share it with a friend.

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