Christmas in July - #4 Career Coaches

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Christmas in July
#1 Networking
#2 Becoming Visible
#3 Managing your on-line time wisely
#4 Career Coaches
#5 The Resume and Cover Letter
#6 Recruiters
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#8 Overcoming Fear of Rejection
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# 4 Career Coaches

I never formally used a career coach but in retrospect, I would strongly consider doing this if I ever have to go through this process again. I did chat with a few very good professional career coaches that I would highly recommend. Howard Sambol is great. He really knows how to evoke inner thought and reflection which is never an easy thing.. Ask him to tell the story about what water means to a fish. Beth Ross is another I would recommend. Dr. Ross provided a lot of positive energy. Mary Elizabeth Bradford is also excellent and I attended a few of her teleseminars. She actually has produced a program that I was on the verge of buying shortly before I landed. Check her out on LinkedIn. She is also a contributor to Robert Shindell’s team of professionals