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Christmas in July
#1 Networking
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#1 Networking:

Marc Freedman from Dallas Blue Executives coined the slogan: ”It’s not work it’s networking” Your next job is most likely to come from your network of friends and colleagues. To me, networking” is a very loosely used term today. A lot of my friends think they are networking by adding each to their LinkedIn connections. There’s a big difference between networking and rolodexing. Networking to me is similar to “unconditional love” It’s reaching out without any preconceived expectations in return. My mother once told me: “You have to be a friend to have a friend.”
It’s also about building meaningful relationships not just adding names to your contact list.

Please don't make the mistake I see 90% of the people make. Don't take the attitude that it's "all about me." Givers do much better than takers. Be a giver as hard as it is difficult to fathom right now. Why? because it is all about you! But to get to the right place, go-ahead and reach out to others.

Years ago, when I coached AAU Girls basketball, I would try to emphasize that when you pass the ball, it will come back to you. That’s networking.. Build your network. Sometimes, it’s a friend of a friend of a friend who can provide that one lead that gets you closer to finding a job. In the end, you only need that one good lead.

Much thanks goes out to Ross Dodwell who created TRP (Top Recommended People on LinkedIN) and to Erika Hanson Brown for being an inspirational group leader. Ross has been the ultimate facilitator and Erika a great connector not to mention a true warrior. TRP is truly my favorite group on LinkedIn and I’m very proud to be a member.