Christmas in July

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Christmas in July
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The following article was written by Mr. David Halker as an email to those who had assisted him during his job search. He also posted this on his blog. With his permission, we have reprinted it here on If you are a job-seeker and struggling with your motivation, this article is a MUST read!

Christmas in July – For Job Seekers: 8 things I learned about finding a new job and a thank you letter to those who provided advice, hope and inspiration !

Why am I celebrating Christmas in July? Okay, besides being a very import birthday celebration, it’s the spirit of Christmas holiday season that has always been a time to enjoy the surroundings of good friends, colleagues and family. I decided that this year I would celebrate a little earlier. Why? For the last three years, I’ve been laid –off just before Christmas. My birthday is December 20th which has also added to the angst of these consecutive job losses. Three years in a row. The ultimate hat-trick if you’re a hockey fan. 2009 was the low point, losing my Dad, my dog and my job all in the same year. If you’ve been out of job for a while, believe me when I say: “I’ve been there.” Thus, Christmas in July. Heck, I’ve even decorated a tree! Lights and everything!

At the ripe old age of 55 (yikes), it didn’t make things any easier for me but you can also mitigate age and turn what may seem to be a negative into a positive. It’s all part of the total sale.

The reason I’m writing this is that I’ve felt obliged to share some of job search strategies that have worked for me during the struggle and to acknowledge and thank the people who have inspired me along the way, many of whom are Top Recommended People on LinkedIn.

In December of 2007, it took me about 6 weeks to land. In December of 2008, it only took me 2 weeks. But from December of 2009 to June of 2010, it took me a full 5 months. Ugh ! I suppose this parallels the downturn in the economy. The good news is that I saved a bundle on Christmas presents! I have in fact gotten pretty good at being a job seeker, but trust me, I really don’t want to make this habit forming!

What has worked for me?

There is no special formula that works for everyone. If there were, there would not be the unemployment numbers we’re seeing today. So, the first thing is to blame everybody. Blame the President, the Congress, your age, your education, your experience, your ex-employer, the economy, everyone and everything you can you can think of that has put you in this situation. Once you get that off your chest, it’s time to get to work. Your new full time job is to find a full time job. I’ll share a few thoughts and ideas I learned that seemed to work for me and attempt to recognize and thank those they have influenced my approach.