Belief And Faith In Yourself

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Belief And Faith In Yourself
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In the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives it is very easy to get sidetracked. I am sure you have heard the old cliché, “life happens”. If not, the statement refers to the everyday happenings or “issues” that come up that we have to deal with that take our focus away from what is truly important.

This could not be truer for those of us who have suffered job-loss. Because of the situation, we have allowed our “attention” to shift to the immediate need to become re-employed. For many, as time has passed and unemployment has continued, our “attention” level has declined because of our frustration, anger and sometimes even depression. It’s time to get our “attention” focused on the right things.

In order to shift your “attention” from negative to positive, we need to focus on our goals. The first step is directly addressing your attention. Do you actively control your thoughts or do they simply come in and go out? To shift attention to goals we must exercise our attention power. Like anything, unless you practice or exercise regularly, your talent will only take you as far as your work ethic.

Now we will deliberately shift your attention in 5 minutes or less. Before you clear your mind find something to be grateful for, and then clear your mind. Breathe deep focusing on your breath for 3 breaths. Then slowly shift your attention to what you’re thankful for. Once you’ve determined what you’re thankful for, say out loud, “Thank you”. Now that you’ve been thankful for that, clear your mind again. Start over and focus your attention on why a new thing, person or situation is in your life and why you’re thankful. Repeat this until you’ve done this 5 times.

(This works by picking out things you dislike, hate or that infuriate you too but we don’t encourage focusing attention on those because those discourage finding positive outcome solutions but if you would like to focus your attention to those, we can’t stop you.)